15 Tips To Hire The Best Office Cleaning Firm


Selecting a cleaning service provider for your office or building is a vital decision you have to make. You desire to choose a company that is trustworthy, responsive and, of course, qualified. Highlighted here in this article are a few tips – fifteen of them, on how to recruit and the things to expect from your cleaning service.


Obtain Price Quotations From Not Less Than Three Companies


Hiring the cheapest crew is not always the best. Be wary of incredibly cheap deals because they might be truly not true if they sound too good to be. Make sure you compare the caliber of products to be used for the cleaning job with the offered work scope. Do the quotation comprise equipment, labor, and materials? How much will the company bill you for special demands that are not within the work scope? These are pertinent questions you must have answers to before hiring a cleaning company.


Are They Insured, Bonded And Licensed?


Safeguard yourself, your assets and your property. Ensure your cleaning crew is duly licensed for the services they are providing. You are further assured you will at their hands not be a victim of losses if they are bonded. And make sure you see a cleaning company’s proof of insurance before you hire them. 


Find Out How Long The Company Have Been In Business


Infamously, cleaning services come and go. These companies, while still being run by the same crooks, frequently have their name changed in order to have their reputation readjusted. Ensure the cleaning service you select has forged a reputation in the public for excellent service.


Can They Give Surety For Their Work?


A lot of companies are going to say that they can guarantee your satisfaction, but how serious are they about that? Will they refund you if you are disappointed with their work? Will they come back to the site of the job to rectify it? Obtain the price and scope of work in black in white before they do the work so that you can easily compare the services you received with the one you were promised.

Demand For A Reference List


Any good cleaning crew will boast of a faithful clientele. Demand for the names of their clients who have offices or facilities that are similar to yours. Once you get these references, do your homework and contact them to confirm the cleaning company’s reputation.


Will They Assign A Client Service Representative To Your Account?


The moment you hire some cleaning companies, it becomes almost impossible to get them on the line, or you get to a different person each time you call them meaning they cannot necessarily distinguish your account. Demand to know if there is, and if yes, who the person is that will oversee your account before you hire a cleaning company.


Do They Provide Exigency Cleaning Services 24/7?


Can you reach out to your cleaning service for assistance in the event of a clogged toilet, fire, flood or other misfortune? It will surely save you money and time if your cleaning service can help you with emergencies since they are already acquainted with and have access to your office or facility.


From Initiation To Resolution, Will Your Requests and Issues Be Tracked?


Get to know the ways the cleaning service will take care of your requests or issues. What are the ways by which you will know when your request is completed or your problem is resolved? Be certain that the cleaning crew has a distinct process in place to evaluate, tackle and follow up your requests and issues.


Can The Cleaning Company Deliver All the Services You Require?


When selecting a cleaning crew, get to know the full ambit of the services they provide. It will be wise of you to recruit a crew that cleans your offices, your windows, carpets, rugs, floors and even refrigerator and pantry. This will save you cost and time because the cleaning company can take care of the special cleaning duties when they arise and because they will offer you better prices compared to taking the cleaning in bits.


Are They Ready To Develop A Customized Work Scope For Your Office


Let a cleaning company examine your office or facility before they give you a quotation. Then, you can tell them about your requirements and know if they are ready to create a customized scope for you. If they cannot, it is wise that you advance with caution.


Ensure They Conduct Thorough Background Checks On Their Employees


You are going to be providing your cleaning service access to your office and property. Ensure that the company screen the cleaners and workers they send to your office or building thoroughly.


Do the Company Offer Green Sanitizing Practices And Products?


The aim of the modern movement of green cleaning is to lessen the impact on cleaning personnel, building occupants and the environment. If you find these issues essential, get to know if the cleaning crew has any experience with respect to green cleaning.

Inquire About Their Assessment Procedure

What are the ways by which your cleaning service ensure that their cleaners keep on providing you with top-notch services? It is essential that they carry out walkthroughs periodically with you, as well as recurrent post-cleaning assessments. Take the care and time to select the perfect cleaning company right from the outset. Forging a long-term association with a trustworthy cleaning service will save.

How Detailed And Deep is Their Cleaning Schedule?

A lot of cleaning companies do not have a detailed and deep cleaning schedule. Edge vacuuming, vacuuming of the air vents, high dusting etc. ought to be performed from time to time to the build-up of grime and dust. Get to know if and how often your cleaning crew carry out deep cleaning tasks. Also, be sure they will keep you in the loop about their detailed cleaning schedule you money and time, and also give you peace of mind.

Are Their Cleaners Well-trained In The Industry’s Best Practices

Get to know how frequently your sanitation service trains and retrains their cleaners in the industry’s best practices. Well-trained cleaners mean you receive quality service for your hard-earned money. Training is essential as well to forestall vacuum bumps along walls, abrasions on surfaces, and other displeasing damages to your building or facility.

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